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Allegiant Airlines: Reservations, Official Site, Deals & Flights Info

Allegiant Airlines official site – www.allegiantair.com

Maybe you are one of the millions of viewers of CBS 60 Minutes that features Allegiant Airlines. According to the documentary, Allegiant airplanes have experienced over 100 mechanical issues. But, the airline company was able to provide solutions to these issues and was able to fly over 12 million passengers last year. At present, it is now recognized as one of the country’s most promising and profitable airlines.

Want to know more about this airline? Continue reading this post, and you will discover the great things you can enjoy with Allegiant Airlines.

How to Book Your Flight with Allegiant Air

The first thing you need to know when flying with Allegiant Air is that you will not find them listed on popular travel sites such as Kayak, Expedia, or Priceline. Instead of booking with this airline is done exclusively on their website. You can check out the destinations they service, book travel, and view flight schedules on the Allegiant Airlines official site (https://www.allegiantair.com/).

You will be surprised how low their fares are. The tickets start at less than $100. But, don’t expect to have all the typical airline fare would offer. Also, there are some steps that you need to know about booking a flight.

Know the Flight Schedules

To make sure you will get on time on the destination you need to go, check the flight schedules of the airline first before booking. Some Allegiant Airlines flights are not available. If you want to take the trip with them, make sure they are available in the said location.

Hotel and Travel Offers

You can also book your hotel upon booking your flight with Allegiant Air. The company maybe has an exclusive deal with these vendors, and you might get a discount. This could be one of the reasons why they are not listed on third-party sites.

Providing Passenger Info

You need to provide your vital information like name, e-mail adds, birthdate and others. If you have special needs or need to travel with their pets, you can make some arrangements with the airlines.

Choose Your Seat

After selecting your flights, you can proceed to other services sections, and provide them your traveler information, the next step in the Allegiant Airlines booking process is to decide whether to reserve your seat or not. As compared to other airlines, Allegiant lets you choose whether to pre-select your seat and add a fee or have a seat assigned upon checking-in without a fee.

Luggage and Priority Access

The significant difference between Allegiant Air and other carriers is that with Allegiant, you will need to pay to travel with carry-on baggage. The baggage they allow is something that you can place under your seat. If in case you want to stow your bags or luggage in the overhead, you will need to pay up. The bag fees will vary based on various factors.

Choosing a Boarding Pass Option

The final amount of your Allegiant Airlines Reservations will depend on whether you will print your boarding pass at home or use the airline’s mobile option that you need to pay an additional fee. If you want an agent to print your boarding pass, you will need to pay $5 for it.

Trip Flex, Checking Out, and Changing Fees

Allegiant offers a Trip Flex service, where you can change your flight plants without added charges. If you think a change on your flight may be necessary, this service is beneficial. Remember, you can be able to change or cancel your booking within 24 hours after you complete your reservation without penalty.

The last step in Allegiant Airlines’ booking is providing your credit card information. If you want to save on your next flight with Allegiant Air, you can sign up for their Allegiant card.

Why Choose Allegiant Airlines?

Probably one of the main reasons why you should choose Allegiant Air is because of the price. You can find the cheapest airfare in this airline.But, don’t expect to get the same thing with other popular and big airlines. With Allegiant, you get what you paid for.

The prices of Allegiant Airlines tickets can be quite low as compared to others. It is why in spite of the bad news about the airlines, many travelers continue to patronize it.

For new passengers, they might get frustrated with the added fees that may incur during their flights. But as you become a regular passenger, you will get along with their terms and conditions as well as the fees you need to pay.

Foods and drinks are not free. You need to pay to what you order for using a credit card as they are not accepting cash. Also, for hand carry, you need to bring along something that you stow underneath your chair. If you need to use the overhead, it comes with an additional fee.

What Cities Do Allegiant Airlines Fly To?

At present, Allegiant Air operates in 11 hubs that include its central hub at Las Vegas McCarren International Airport. The other centers are located in Orlando, Phoenix, Bellingham, WA, Fort-Lauderdale, Knoxville, Punta Gorda, Indianapolis, St. Petersburg, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh.

Overall Impression with Allegiant Airlines

Now that you know why Allegiant Airlines tickets are so cheap, would you still use their service on your next flight?

This airline offers the lowest tickets that can lower the prices down by charging the passengers a base fare, then putting some extra fees on each customer’s choice. Some of these additional charges include checked bags, inflight refreshments, carry-ons, and seat selection.

These additional fees are paid using your credit card, so you don’t have to worry if you run out of cash. The prices are lower due to the company’s older fleet. But, this fleet comes with serious safety concerns which the company is trying to solve by getting newer Airbus planes.

So, if you are in search for a cheap airfare with flexible flights on random days, and you don’t mind a less luxurious flight experience, it is best to give Allegiant Air a chance.